Tuesday, September 22, 2009


You should eat it everyday.

Really. You will feel better and be smarter. For sure.

My mother was always great about making us breakfast before school.

We rarely ate cold cereal. It was usually a combination of eggs, toast, muffins, bacon, waffles, hot cereal, french toast. Not all at once, mind you. That would be overkill.

I have carried on that tradition. I love to make breakfast. More than any other meal. This is the one I'm good at.

However, hot cereal, the real kind that you cook in a pot, instead of adding hot water to, would not make it's way past most of my children's lips.

Why? Cuz they won't eat it. Sad, really.

But I still love it. I would eat it most days.

I recently discovered steel cut oats, or groats.

They are chewy and kind of nutty.

I like to add berries.

My mom picked these huckleberries for me. They are my fave!!!

I also like to add chopped almonds for their nuttiness and extra protein.

And a tablespoon of flax seed for good measure.

I top it off with a splash of milk, rice, almond, whatever. Some stevia or splenda depending on my mood that day, and I have pretty much the perfect breakfast.

Come on. I dare you to try it.


  1. That looks delish, especially because I'm starving. Maybe tomorrow!

  2. These happen to be my all time favorite breakfast food. Okay, other than pancakes, bacon, waffles, whipped cream...But I do love these. We eat them regularly at our house. (thanks to Dr. Oz several years ago) Have I not shared this info with you before now?! How is that possible. And my kids really like them too!

  3. that does look good! where do you buy the oats at?

  4. One of my favorite things for breakfast..except the milk ( of any kind except to cook the oats in) and NO sugar or substitute sugar of any kind. The fruit is good enough! Oh and sorry..not that flax seed

  5. we make something similar, with the addition of almond butter -peanut butter works, too- (as well as chopped almonds) - just stir it right in, cinnamon, and plain full-fat yogurt. oh, and we use sucanut to sweeten it. or real maple syrup. or honey.


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