Thursday, September 3, 2009

I blinked, and almost missed it

Kate started middle school.

I think that was quite bold of her, don't you?

Bold of her to grow up without asking me if that was ok?
Bold to go where I can't go?

I am adjusting as well as one could expect.

We went to her orientation.
I exercised my rights as her parent and took pictures of the day.

Here we are before heading in.

Here she is getting her schedule.

Here she is sitting next to her friend waiting for orientation to start.

Here she is nursing, getting her diaper changed and splashing in the bathtub.
Oh,wait. *sigh* I was having a flashback.

In honor of starting middle school, we gave her a back to school survival kit.

It contained:

One Modest is Hottest chapstick

One picture for her locker of a young girl dressed in the Armour of God.
And one pack of Mormonads. One example is this:

And some other essentials for her locker.

Why is her growing up, or any of them, so hard? For me?

Cuz I love them more than, well, everything. And I gave birth to them with the explicit plan of never letting them leave me. That's not working out the way I planned.

But I am so proud of this girl. I think I'll keep her a little longer.

If she'll let me.


  1. oh my gosh! You are SO cool! I wonder if Laurel is wondering where HER locker-goodies are!

    And I feel the same way. I am completely befuddle as to how this happened. She canNOT be getting this old!

  2. I love that you made her a survival kit! Every kid needs one going to school!

    And I love the picture of the two of you. So, so sweet.

  3. Mom (Grandma Granger)September 3, 2009 at 1:22 PM

    I've been where you're still going, Amy. Your kids are SOOOOO lucky you are their Mom!!!

  4. What a beautiful daughter you have!! Can not believe that she is in Middle school..or Jr. High as it was called when I was her age!

  5. I'm in denial that my kids will ever be this old. And, seriously... I am going to start copying everything you do, because I am just not this creative or thoughtful. Such GREAT ideas!

  6. Amy,

    It doesn't end...I cried when Rochelle went to nursery, to Kindergarten, to Middle School, to High School and then to BYU. I cried when she went to Mexico for the summer. I cry now because it is such a blessing to have her home again, even if just for a semester...for another month I have five teenagers and I am cherishing every moment! Lucky you...blessed you! to have them all and how lucky are they, how blessed are they to have you! Love the survival are AMAZING!!!


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