Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So. God created all men equal. Right?

Well, He may have created them equal but I'm not sure we all stay equal. For instance. Some people have extraordinary gifts that are developed. They are not born with them. Therefore I must conclude that they took what was given to them at birth and made something special.

I must also conclude that my mother is one of these people and has done something extra special. For Christmas this year she made 21 knit hats, 20 pairs of knitted socks, 10 pairs of pajama bottoms, and 11 nightgowns. (that's somewhere in the range of 160+ hours of knitting and sewing!) It was indeed a homemade Christmas.

She brought nothing for any of the grandchildren or her grownup children and their spouses that was not handmade by her.

And you know what? It was the most amazing thing.

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, put their new pajamas or nightgowns on, donned their hats and socks and we had a HUGE pajama party in my living room. Every slid around on the floor, we had a few accidents (it was really slippery) and we laughed and laughed.

It was truly magical, and it didn't come from a store.

She carefully picked everyone's colors and fabrics so that they matched that person. And she did a bang up job, I must say.

Although, I'm not sure what her choice in fabrics says about me. But I will embrace pink and purple unicorns as a sign that she loves the fanciful part of me, and I'm glad it shows enough that she would choose that for me.

I give you Bonnie Granger's handiwork.

I love you Mom!


  1. How great is that! The hats and jammies are so cute. Your mom is so talented.

  2. Your mom is the super greatest at this sort of stuff. Tanya and I were discussing the lovely pillow cases with our names on them. She really makes keepsakes. What a wonderful gift to give to those you love. P.S. Please let me know what colors you want in your little flock for Nora.


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