Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lazing about

I did almost nothing yesterday.

I say almost, because well, I did do something. It just didn't fall into the category of accomplishing anything.

Anne Marie decided she did not want to go to kindergarten. I don't know why. I just got "mom, I don't waaant to go!". Who am I to say no to such reasoning? So instead of kindergarten, Anne Marie and Henry played. They played Jenga and Zingo and they colored and painted. (the last two occured mostly on eachother) They ate pretzels and fishy crackers and spilt milk and took out every toy in the baskets. Then, when the chaos was about to consume me, I put in Kung Fu Panda and they settled in for a good 15 minutes before Allen Style kung fu ensued. There was a bit of screaming, the good happy kind. There was some sword play and rolling around.

At one point Henry was covered in some sort of mushed up food so we took his clothes off and he spent a good part of the afternoon in just his diaper. Later, we dressed him (again), started Kung Fu panda (again) and Anne Marie played on the computer while I fell asleep on the couch.

My reason for all of this was that I woke up yesterday and felt a very instinctive need to cuddle Nora all day long. I brought her into bed with me in the morning after the kids got on the bus and we fell back asleep together. I sat on the couch and smooched her little fuzzy head for a good 3 hours I think. I nibbled on every delectable part, fingers, toes, cheeks, bottom lip, ears, tummy.

Anne Marie and Henry enjoyed a good nibble on her themselves. Even though Anne Marie protested that "Henry can't kiss her, he's too slobbery!!". I let him kiss her anyway.

The dishes didn't get done, not a bit of laundry was put away, I didn't blog. (Although around 3:30, I tidy'd up just a bit cuz Kate had a friend coming over. I mean really, a destroyed house is a total no no when you have a friend coming over). Anne Marie wore whatever she could find in the heaps of toys and clothes scattered about her room. And nobody brushed their teeth. But both Nora and I got much needed mommy/baby time.

Well, I must be going, I'm pretty sure I have a full schedule today.

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