Monday, December 29, 2008

Allen Family Fun Center

I am hungry.

Not just slight tummy rumbling hungry, but nauseous, pains in the back of my neck hungry.

Why don't you go eat?

Because I can't decide what to eat. I really want pancakes smothered in butter and maple syrup.

But I am not eating anything white or filled with sugar, which totally wipes out pancakes and maple syrup.

I'm so hungry though that I'm starting to eye the chocolate bar my dad left here. But that doesn't really fit into the no sugar thing either.

I should have stayed in bed. You don't have to think about breakfast yet AND Nora and I were snuggling, all warm and toasty. I rolled over to my other side cuz my arm was starting to cramp and within minutes of me rolling over, she rolled over too, so that she was right up next to me again.

Finally I realized that I wasn't tired anymore and that I was just laying in bed because I can, being vacation and all. SO she is still up there, all snuggly and sleepy. And I'm downstairs all hungry.

I need to fuel though. Jeff, my dearheart, and I picked out our own Christmas presents this year. He is going snowboarding, I got one of these:

Mine is red though. So I need fuel so that I can punch and kick the cr*p out of this later. It's been a while since I've enjoyed the exhilerating feeling of sore muscles and sweat pouring down my face and barely being able to lift my arms to hit the bag one more time. So if you're my neighbor and you hear punching noises and a lot of "whooo"s coming from the direction of my bedroom, don't be alarmed. It's just me kicking the boxing bag's bu**! (Just so you know, we don't say cr*p or bu** in my house :)

For Christmas we got our family this!

Seriously, who needs a Wii when you have actual live ping pong and boxing in your house? (I think everyone in the world besides us owns a game system of some type, since we seem to be the last ones on earth to not have one I think) The kids have already had their turns punching the you-know-what out of my freestanding bag. And all of my children are sure to be ping pong wizards! In no time they will surpass my level of expertise.

SO if you're tired of boring ol' video games come on over and punch or ping pong it out and take a crack at the air hockey table while you're at it. Visitors are always welcome

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  1. My boys each earned 100.00 last summer. All they wanted was a Wii. So we pitched in the rest of the money for Christmas. Let me tell you how many times I have already said, "we are selling this thing..TODAY!" The rules, after the first week, are this: They earn points during the week, and can cash them in for :wii mins. We have a no TV/comp. time during the week. So they have Friday night and Sat to cash in. We have really needed an incentive program at Tennis, Inc. Hopefully, I won't have to strangle anyone. All in all, good for you. Don't give in. We've made it this far, and I wouldn't do it again. And it may now last long now!


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