Thursday, December 18, 2008

Martha Stewart I ain't

I have a great amount of success in a number of things that I attempt.

However, gingerbread/graham cracker houses are not one of them.

We make them as a family pretty consistently, and my spouse as well as a good number of my offspring are fairly adept at it.

(This one is Jeff's, see how neatly put together it is)

I however, stink. I can never keep the walls up, I get bored so fast that my house is usually lucky to have any candy roofing at all.
Lately, I've been "helping" the younger children with their houses so that I don't actually have to do one.

It's pathetic really.

But I feel a pretty persistent need to make sure they have this experience. In this instance, it seems more about being together then actually creating something that is beautiful.

And of course the sugar rush ain't so bad either.

The finished products.


  1. You need to melt sugar to a hard ball stage. Then just dip your "walls" and stick together right then. It's like hot glue. Believe me, I have many a year with the same wall trouble as you!

  2. I have to say she's being modest, here. Martha Stewart she is! It just happens that Gingerbread houses aren't her thing but every other crafty, decorating, color scheming, fabric cutting thing she does handily! Amy really knows how to make a house a home!


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