Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brighter Days

So much growth can come from painful experiences.

I felt the growing pains of poor decisions as a young adult.

The resultant growth is that I am better at spotting trouble a million miles away.

And I do my darndest to stay away from that trouble.

Sometimes the pain is sharp and quick.

Other times it's dull and constant.

Always I find myself a little confused that I'm once again going thru a painful trial.

I mean, how many times does it take for a person to learn enough?

To not repeat history?

God has told us that He will not send us a trial too big for us to overcome.

But that doesn't mean we will overcome it. It just means it IS over-come-able.

I want to be one who overcomes.

One who stares at adversity and says "HA! You thought you had me, but you were WRONG because I'm stronger than you realized!"

But what if, just what if, part of enduring the trial is actually failing at what you're doing?

Does conquering life's challenges mean that everything works out the way we want it to?

Of course not.

Sometimes the happy ending starts when we realize that we aren't in control, that Heavenly Father has a plan for us that may not always feel perfect, but that truly is just that. Perfect.

So can I stop complaining long enough about the things that are difficult, and take a step back in order to see what I can learn?

Do I have enough faith in that perfect plan to let it mold me into who I really am, rather than the flawed worldly perfect I think I want to be?

And who am I?

I am hopeful.

I don't enjoy the pain. I don't relish the hollow ache in my heart that from time to time threatens to overwhelm me.

But I'm grateful for it.

Because I know that a loving Father in Heaven still thinks I'm worth while enough to continue to challenge me and help me grow. He hasn't forgotten me.

So I know that I am loved.

Because I still see the blessings thru the trials. I still have hope in my heart for better days. And I still have faith and trust in a perfect plan provided for an imperfect me.

There are always brighter days ahead. Bright enough to blind me with the joy that awaits.

There is always hope. Hope that when those brighter days come, I will have the wisdom to let them shine upon me. And Remember. Remember. Remember.

I will remember, and that will light my way the next time I find myself in the dark.

Here's to the brighter days ahead.

Happy 2009.

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