Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Jeffy Dear


Nighttime is some of my favorite time with you.

Not just because of what you're thinking (wink, wink).

Because we talk.

And laugh.

And share both our hearts desires and sorrows.

Because we can pray

Eat treats together.

And make eachother's hearts soar.

Like when I said that I didn't know if you had struggled with curiosity or jealousy.

And you said that after that one question, you never gave it another thought.

And my heart soared upon hearing that.

It confirmed what I knew, that you love me.

And not just as a man loves his wife (which is great, believe you me.)

You love me enough to see my potential, to forgive and forget, and to believe more in me than I do in myself.

I am more confident with your love.

I am more capable with your arms around me.

I shine brighter when I stand next to you.

I am better when I am loving you.

Knowing all this, I had the necklace made.

I'm proud to wear it, I love it in all it's sappy-ness.

And it lets you know that you are, and will always be....

Happy Birthday my Love!

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