Monday, January 19, 2009

More conversations

Bedtime is full of opportunities to learn about your kids.

And to sometimes learn about ourselves.

Last night provided me with both opportunities.

Sometimes around our house, bedtime is less than organized and rarely goes without a hitch.

Last night was no exception.

We have gotten into a bad habit of occasionally letting ourselves think that Charlie and Anne Marie don't actually have to be "put to bed".

Kate and Julia have mastered the going to bed by themselves, but everyone else still requires stories, songs and some cuddling.

Last night evolved into a "please just go to bed!" night.

Lots of getting out of bed to tell us one more thing, some crying, searching for last minutes toys to sleep with, and the sounds of light sabers smashing together in Charlie's room.

As I lay in bed exhausted, I heard something. Something small and still and very quiet. It was whispering and it said:

"Go lay down with Anne Marie, she is only 5, and when she is older she will need to remember that you did this for her. Go be with your daughter and comfort her."

So I decided to listen to that voice and I got up out of my toasty bed and wandered down the hall to check on her.

I walked in her room and I was greeted with the biggest smile. And our conversation went something like this:

Anne Marie: "Wishing on stars does work!" (She has glow in the dark stars on her ceiling)

Mom:"What do you mean?"

AM:"I wished on a star that you would come be with me, and you came!"

AM:"Did you hear me crying?"

Mom:"No, but Heavenly Father did, and he told me to come be with you"

Quiet snuggling.


Mom:"Yes Anne Marie?"

AM:"I can suck my other thumb since I have a band aid on this one."

Mom:"Maybe you should think about not sucking it anymore."

AM:"Sometimes I suck it at school."

Mom:"You know,it's not good for your teeth to suck your thumb."

AM:"Why is it not good for your teeth?"

Mom:"It can change their shape."

AM:"You mean they won't be square anymore?"

Mom, stifling a giggle:"No, it changes where your teeth are at."

AM:"You mean these will be on the top and the top will be on the bottom?"


Mom, trying another approach:"You'll have to get braces."

AM:"What?!But then I won't be able to eat pizza!"

Mom:"Or popcorn, or gum or soda"

AM:"I can have soda if I use a straw,but I want to eat popcorn and gum."

AM:"I'll TRY not to suck my thumb."

Mom:"That would be great."

AM:Already sucking her thumb.

Mom:"Good night, I love you."

AM:"I love you too."


  1. Kids are so precious and our time with them is to short!

    I see that we are kindred spirits in our love of the same literature.

    Remember that we each have seasons in our life. Enjoy your 6 dear ones.

  2. So sweet. And AM's hair is coming in nicely. Is that a comment from a stanger? Really nice, though. I'm jealous.

  3. Finally....a new post!!!! What will us non-bloggers do if you become more efficient with your time and stall your blog??? It has been agonizing waiting, checking, washing, checking, cooking, then checking.

    What else do us stay at home mom's have to do all day? ...... I guess I could start reading Twilight.


  4. I love that story. It's a good reminder to me to enjoy these moments so thank you!

  5. Okay that is the sweetest thing ever. It made me cry. What a cutie! I need to start wishing on stars again!


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