Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big ol' time waster

That's what I am. A time waster.

I have all this time and I do way too much wasting of it.

I find that the computer is sucking my will to do anything productive.

So, I am proclaiming to anyone who actually reads this blog..."Today I am not going to look at my computer" (after this post, of course)

It's an experiment in will power, time management and employing my self with worthwhile projects.

Hey! Did I just hear a sarcastic "good luck" somewhere in the back row?

That's fine. It's understandable that this endeavor would be met with skepticism when hours of blog trolling occur everyday in this house.

But today can be different. Will be different. Must be different.

Mostly cuz I had approximately 4 hours of sleep last night thanks to some fabulous friends. So because I wiled away the hours last night, I feel I must make up for that by making my house sparkly this morning and then napping in the afternoon.

So, if you need me, then my phone works.

You know, that old fashioned thing that no one uses that much anymore because they can send off an impersonal email instead? (I'm sooo guilty of this. Doesn't mean I love you, just means I'm lazy)

So again, IF you need me, I will not be hovering around my computer slapping my own hand everytime it tries to log into my yahoo.mail on it's own.

I will not be biting my nails wondering if anyone left a comment on my little blog or checking to see how many page loads there were today.

And I FOR SURE will not investigate anything on Google that just cannot wait until tomorrow.

I'm serious.


I mean it!


I'm having withdrawals even talking about it.

Does this mean I'm addicted, or just trying to add to my treasure trove of useless trivia and random facts?

Either way, pathetic.

So wish me luck. I'm a social experiment. Can I really live without the super information highway for one day?

Check back tomorrow to find out.


  1. So far so good. She wouldn't even get on Instant Message to chat with me today. Good for you, Amy! I love you!

  2. You better tune in tomorrow, I hear there's going to be an AWESWOME birthday blog on roobeesshoes. I have been trying to look once after 8 am, then most of my regulars have posted. Then turn my computer off, and then check again ONCE after my kids are in bed. It's tough, I'll admit. We're crazy. Guess what I do that makes me think of you all the time? I play solitare on my ipod touch ALL the time. Like every night when I get in bed, there's a little glow from my side of the bed. It's me. Playing solitare until my eyes flop shut.

  3. Don't give up yet!! I've written and scanned, now I have to edit and arrange. Check back in 20 mintutes. Happy birthday!!!


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