Thursday, January 15, 2009

I did it, sort of.

Alright, so yesterday was an exercise in restraint.

Sad that I'm talking about staying off of my computer rather than something monumental like not raiding the pantry for something sweet at 10 o'clock at night.

All day went something like this:

Feed the kids, don't check the computer.

Do the dishes, stay off of the computer.

Fold some laundry, DO NOT wander downstairs towards the computer.

Nurse Nora, AVOID languishing in the computer chair, checking your email while you feed her.

Eat lunch, don't even look in the direction of the computer.

Put the little ones down for a nap, please try to not even think about the computer?

Ok Amy, you're starting to feel desperate, repeat over and over to yourself- "I don't need to know about Brangelina, or Google anything or find out updates on Facebook or IM my husband every 10 minutes"

I succeeded for the most part. I had to pull up an old email last night for my art docent lesson today so I "checked" a few things and was off in less than 10 minutes.

All in all I feel it was a successful experiment.

I didn't get that much more done around my house, but I spent waaaay more time with my kids. Which was both wonderful and embarassing to realize that the computer takes me away so much.

Sooo, I will be attempting it again today.

I will be busy anyway, afterall it IS my birthday, you know.

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