Monday, March 22, 2010

What you didn't know you were waiting for.

I have these very talented friends who are in charge of activities at church.

The theme they came up with for our adults only dinner and dance was The Love Boat.

So as they threw ideas around of how the evening should go, of who should play the various characters, they approached me with the question "Would Jeff be Captain Stubing, and would he be willing to sing The Love Boat Theme Song?"

What do you think I answered?

Heck yes!!! I knew without even having to ask him that this would be his dream come true.

Now, when you first meet Jeff, he comes across as somewhat reserved, quiet.

But put a microphone in his hands, or give him the opportunity to be the center of attention, and WATCH OUT!

Sorry for the shaky camera work. I was laughing too hard. Oh, and the Woody Woodpecker laugh? That's me, unfortunately.

The Captain, all decked out and ready to set sail.

Aren't I a lucky girl?


  1. I fear this may be mu husbands dream as well...too funny!!!

  2. That looks like a night to remember! How fun!!!

  3. i'm pretty sure that this is the BEST THING EVER.

  4. I second Rochelle!!

  5. I am SO sad that I didn't go. He was awesome and it looks like they poured their hearts and souls into it!!!

  6. Thank you for inviting us! Colby and I had a great time! Captain Stubing rocked!


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