Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can you say Road Trip?!!!

What would you do if your husband and brother in law were so awesome that when you said you wanted to take a 4 1/2 day trip/road trip they just said, "ok, when?".

Well I know what I would do. I would pack my nicest clothes.
~The clothes that normally don't make it very far into the day because of the combination of snot and food that end up on them.

I would load up on Diet Pepsi and Snacks.

I would bring my fancy camera so that I could come home with pictures of a place I adore, and people I adore even more!

I would take my favorite music, and maybe an audio book or two.

And then I would tearfully say goodbye to my husband and children, and take off down the road avec ma soeur, singing at the top of our lungs!

I would have the road beneath our tires in no time, traveling with few breaks (no kids you know) in order to spend a precious 2 days with our friend/old roommate who is moving to the middle east with her husband 5 children.

I would eat a lot of food, laugh about old times and help out with the children since her hubby is already across the ocean.

That's what I would do, anyway.

If it were me.

Which it is.


See ya Tuesday.


  1. Yay for you! Enjoy your time and take lots of pictures.

  2. Have a great trip! I can't believe how brave Teresa is for making such a huge move!

  3. Wow, enjoy the ultimate freedom (as free as a mother of 6's mind could be anyway)! HAVE FUN!

  4. how FUN!!!! I am very envious of that experience. But not so envious that I would want to go and you stay home. :)

  5. I am a new follower!A road trip sounds so nice and relaxing!Have a ton of fun!

  6. how fun! i'm thinking of maile and our road trip to portland and the beach just after you got married. teresa is going where?!!

  7. We're all still alive!
    Thursday night (School night): Mom doesn't make us do our homework! Can we invite all the neighborhood kids to eat dinner with us? Can we play Wii for just 1 more hour? Can we have a campout/sleepover?

    Friday Night: Ward potluck 40 minutes late(thanks Grandma for making our dish!)Then to blockbuster for 2 kid movies.

    Saturday : Sunshine!!! Park for 2 hours, then back home for Trampoline dodgeball, popsicles, then dinner Dairy Queen for 3 kids, pizza for the other 3. Brownies for dessert. then Wii and movies

    Sunday: 35 minutes late to Stake Conference. Enjoyed the speakers, kids did great! Home to enjoy the afternoon. Dinner was hamburgers, plain pasta, garlic mashed potatoes from a pouch, canned corn. Kids cleaned the downstairs with the bribe of cookies. Everyone took a bath and are almost going to bed.

    Really looking forward to Amy coming home! But we have all survived! These times make me really understand and re-appreciate all that she does day in and day out. I love you, Amy!!!

    The kids are wonderful! You've taught them well.

  8. so glad you got to get away for a few days! you deserve it and I hope you had a great time:)


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