Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Julia left for 5th grade camp yesterday morning.

When she left it looked like this outside. But I'm sure she is having a blast anyway.

We packed her with boots, hat, gloves, a warm coat and all the love we could send with her.

I missed her all day yesterday. Even though she is usually not home during the day, just knowing she wouldn't be getting off the bus in the afternoon made me miss her.

When Jeff called on his way home, he said "I miss Julia". And I knew exactly what he meant.

I had a dream last night that when I woke up in the morning Julia was home. She had become so homesick that she asked them to bring her home.

I think my own feelings were coming out in my dreams.

She'll be home tomorrow at 2, and I can hardly wait.

Oh what am I going to do when they go to college? When they leave to go be grownups?

How will I survive that when I can't even stand 2 1/2 days away from them?

And it's weird. When I go somewhere, it's not as bad. But when they leave, it's almost unbearable.

Don't even get me thinking about kate going to girls' camp for a week this summer.

Why are the growing experiences that they need, so painful for me?

Come home Julia, soon.


  1. My mom felt that way to when I went to Camp Casey. But beware, Julia will come back, and will not stop talking about Camp Casey for a week.

  2. I had the same dream when Laurel went last year!!!

    And she STILL hasn't stopped talking about Camp Casey.

    And she won't take the sweatshirt off. ;)


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