Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Travel Diary

I had a moody boyfriend once, who when asked where he was going, replied:
"Wherever the road takes me."

Yeah, that's what we said too.

After making it 550 miles toward the place we were going, we stopped for the night.

It's remarkable what getting ready with no kids does for your complexion.

Lovely, no?

This is the view from our glamorous hotel room.

It may also be where we got gas later.

I may have found that pointing the camera up someone's nose,(especially your sister's) while they are pumping gas is extremely gratifying.

The place we went might have something very grand, noble and beautiful as it's 360 degree view.

The place we went may also be home to my husband's most beloved football team.

Go Cougs!

The place we went to may be the home of my favorite blogger, it was NIEt to see her house.

The place we went may also be the home of the most scrumptious cupcakes ever.
And yes, it is totally normal to eat 5 cupcakes all by yourself, thanks for asking.

The place we went may also be home to this cat, whom I may or may not have accidentally stepped on. Sorry kitty.

While in the place we went to, we may have found ourselves at the receiving end of pedicures. Maybe. (and maybe my toes were sparkly blue)

While visiting with my dear friend in the place we went to, I may have discovered from this photo that I shouldn't wear my hair in a ponytail.

Hair hides double chins, you see.

While traveling home from the place we went, we may or may not have taking photos of ourselves as we drove. But probably not, cuz that would be totally dangerous. *ahem*

We may have watched the sun sinking into the sky as our stomachs also sank with thoughts of reality and responsibilities awaiting us.

This may have been waiting for me when I got home.

I love my punkos!

This may be the end.

P.S. If you haven't figured it out, we went to Utah.
If you live in Utah and before this post considered me your friend, please still do!
I only had two very short days in happy valley and while I tried to figure out how to visit with all the wonderful people I love, I just couldn't do it this trip and still be there for my lovely friend who is moving away to the middle east for 2-5 years!

Can you forgive me?


  1. Amy I love this post and especially the picture of the mountains how I miss Utah mountains

  2. I am ready to go again. Right now. Pleeeeeaaaaase! Reality in the form of laundry, dishes, and homework hit me when I walked in the door. Good thing I have an awesome husband and such cute kids or I may have never come home. Love ya!!!!

  3. grat woman,great scenary,grat thing....congratulation!

    i like ur spirit,it's like everett ruess or alexander supertramp of into the wild.

  4. Pleeeeaaaase come back! Please! Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to see us! We, kids and I, totally needed it. You are truly the best girls ever. But I am now very lonely, so just hop in the car, make your husbands watch those 10 kids, and drive that 14 hours - this weekend too! LOVE YOU!! (I see you didn't mention the "power" drinks. REcovered yet?)

  5. Gald you had such a fun trip! Thank you so much for the cupcake! It was truly amazing!!

  6. I had Kneader salad today and thought of you both!!!! Miss you TONS!!!! And I SOOOOO LOVE that pic of Maile putting on her make up!!!!


  7. when we go in april, i may just do a drive-by of nie's house, too...i love that she lives on briar ave. oddly, my word verification is "tereas" - a lot like "teresa".


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