Monday, March 15, 2010

Good mommy/bad mommy weekend

(The big bad wolf and red riding hood. Classic good vs. evil.)

This is the story of two mommies, good mommy and bad mommy.
No names have been used to protect the innocent.

~On Saturday, good mommy woke up with the sun. Made homemade waffles, sang as she gently asked the children to clean and tidy the house.

On Saturday, bad mommy woke up grumpy. Ate her own breakfast while her husband cooked for the kids. Then barked at the children for watching too much t.v.

~On Saturday, good mommy kissed her husband and eldest daughter goodbye as they headed off to go skiing. She then spent quality time with the children getting them ready to attend the baptisms of two friends.

On Saturday, bad mommy barely acknowledged her husband and eldest daughter as they left to go have fun. She then hastily got everybody ready to head out the door for the baptisms.

~On Saturday, good mommy prepared activities and snacks for the younger children to be entertained with, while the older children sat quietly in their seats as the baptisms commenced.

On Saturday, bad mommy forgot to bring anything for the younger ones, and had allowed the older ones to watch too much t.v. which riled them up, and then she mistakenly allowed some of the to sit by eachother.

~On Saturday, good mommy looked fondly at her reverent children, patting their heads and cuddling with the younger two who were quietly playing with books that good mommy had remembered to bring.

On Saturday, bad mommy pinched the shoulder of an older child who was being way too loud and glared at the other two to be quiet. Then bad mommy took the youngest children outside and strapped them in the car so that the baptism could continue without everyone hearing two children crying and making noise.

~On Saturday, good mommy got everyone a treat for being so well behaved.

On Saturday, bad mommy made everyone wait in the car as a punishment(with their older sister there, of course) while she ran into the store by herself.

~On Sunday, good mommy was careful with her baby as she got her out of the crib, got her dressed and with the help of always good daddy, got everyone to church on time.

On Sunday, bad mommy somehow popped her baby's elbow out of place while getting her out of the crib and ended up missing church because she was at urgent care.

Guess which mommy I was?

Boy, am I glad it's Monday.


  1. you must be Good Mommy -- because Bad Mommy would be ME!!!

  2. Don't you love life with kids?

  3. Oh, Amy...Saturday was an exception. You are a wonderful mom whom I look up to with six beautiful and happy kids. (I even know some of them - and they are some of the greatest kids I know!) Always remember on those trying days how much loving effort you put into your family on the good days. ...and are allowed a bad day here and there. And if the ER doc knew you, he'd say the same thing. :-)

  4. oh my goodness, i can't decide whether to laugh or cry...and thanks for being normal, amy. i don't know how much more i can take of seemingly constant you ever feel bombarded by that, too?

  5. Hilarious! We've all had those days. At least you can recognize the things you want to make better.

  6. jajaj very nice, altough i dont have kids, i think its good to be a bad mommy sometimes

  7. I spent most of yesterday morning (while the kids slept) reading your blog, Amy! I laughed, I cried, I throughly enjoyed spending my "quiet moment" with you! Should have been cleaning, but I chose to be "bad mommy" instead!
    I'm your sister's husband's sister, Jodi. I will drop back by from time to time when I need a laugh! BTW- Jeff was awesome as Capt. Stubing!


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