Friday, March 19, 2010

Happiness is

Happiness is....

Homemade bread, mom's raspberry jam, and of course, diet pepsi for breakfast.

Happiness is....

62 degree weather in the Seattle area, in March.

Happiness is.....

Having a weird argument with your husband but then realizing it and both of you saying your sorry and I love you before hanging up.

So, is this all really happiness?

What is happiness, what does it involve?

Is it sunshiny days, good food and the love of your life?

Is it self confidence, a good job, money to burn?

Health, intelligence, success in all endeavors?

Is it all these things?

Does it have to be all of these things?

I'm really curious as I ponder this lately. I know that certain things make me happy at certain times. But what is involved in real, long term happiness? Or joy, real, lasting joy?

Please share, enlighten me on this,the brightest, happiest days.


  1. Happiness is peace..within yourself. ZEN... Does not matter if it is sunny or rainy. Happiness is within you and you pass those good feelings to all around you with a look or a smile or a touch or a kind word. Zen. read about it see if you agree.
    Love you

  2. Aunt Cathy's right. I think happiness is when you know who you are (and accept it), where you came from, and where you're headed, loving all of it, and seeing Heavenly Father help you along the way. Joy comes in picking up where you left off and making things better when you mess up.
    Also right now I find joy in my children's joy and watching their divine nature come shining through.

  3. i think happiness is feeling comfortable in your own skin, shrugging off negativity and refusing contention, and living each moment, fully paying attention to those around you and the beauty of our surroundings.

  4. Happiness is a choice. The choice to love my jam, your yummy bread, diet Pepsi (or Diet lime Coke), the sunshine, the cute faces of your 6 totally adorable children, the love of your wonderful husband, and to choose all the beauty available to us on this earth. Life is all about choices. You also made a good choice when you picked your Dad and me to be your parents. We are honored and very happy you made that choice. You have chosen to be an integral part of an Eternal Family and that choice is truly wonderful beyond our comprehension.
    You have chosen well, my daughter.

  5. I agree with all that has been said. Happiness is truly a journey not a destination! Enjoy the simple things that make you happy. Oh and send me some jam and bread!:)


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