Thursday, March 25, 2010

8 is great

This is Charlie on his 8th birthday, which was this week.

He is happy, charming, smart and has the sweetest dimpled smile.

I would use the words reasonable, cooperative, kind, and generous to describe him now.

He has always been my most curious child. We had locks on everything when he was three-the fridge, the pantry, his bedroom, the microwave, an extra one on the front door.

All of these he eventually figured out. Tenacious, curious and much smarter than me, I would say.

I used to wonder what he was going to be like as he got older, if he would ever move past the escapee phase. But not wanting his generous hugs and kisses to ever be a thing of the past. Loving his ability to figure things out, and to surprise me with his willingness to learn and love others.

As he blew out his candles on his Diary of a Wimpy Kid cake (it's a book, extremely popular with the 2nd and 3rd grade boys), I felt a shift in the cosmos, as if a new chapter was beginning in Charlie's life, as if 8 will be the magic number for my son.

One where he is a Cub Scout and a good example for his younger brother and sisters, one where he knows who he is as a son of God, and one where we couldn't be more proud of our boy. Our Charlie.

Happy Birthday Charlie boy.


  1. happy birthday handsome charlie!

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie! I love you!!!

  3. I'm sad I don't get to be his Den Leader. :( He's a good kid, that Charlie! :)

  4. 8 is Great! Good looking, smart, loving, happy, super reader - could it be any better? Happy Birthday Charlie!!

  5. The Kralicky'sMarch 26, 2010 at 6:33 AM

    Happy Birthday, Charile!! Hope 8 is gr8 for you!

  6. He looks SOOOOOOO grown up!!!! I LOVE that Bryce still talks about his friend Charlie.. :D

  7. Happy Birthday Charlie! Love, Grandma Allen


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