Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Curtains and a jam face

I have been desiring new curtains in my kitchen. I have had sort of lacy white ones that while lovely, just didn't seem to go some how.

But I am also trying to be frugal, so rather than spend money on the fabric I really desired, I scoured Goodwill in the hopes of finding something that I could turn into curtains.

And voila!

I am pretty happy with them. They cost me just about 3 dollars to make.

And so when I get sick of them, or change my mind (which I've been known to do), I don't have to feel bad about the price I paid for them.

Oh, and just because.

My favorite jam face.


  1. they are adorable! So great that they only cost 3.00

  2. Your curtains are adorable as well as little Miss Jam Face! Love the dimples.

  3. Nora kind of looks like a baby elf in that picture.

  4. sometimes i want to come and live at your house...or at least visit. they are muy darling! and so very you.

  5. absolutely love the curtains! my favorite color is red of course so it makes them even more fabulous!


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