Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday Girl!

"To the Granger who is turning 20". That's what the envelope said. My crazy ex-boyfriend at the time couldn't remember how to spell Maile's name. Well now she is the former Granger/currently Flanders who is turning...drumroll please....33!

The part of the day that I get to celebrate with her will include two of our favorite things.

The first is pedicures at the tres chic New York Nails.

The second will be the midnight showing of? You guessed it "Twilight"!!!!!!!!!!!

"We're sisters, la la la, sisters, la la la, but we're also friends, la la la!" (that's me singing in case you couldn't tell)

I already posted my ode to Maile, extolling all her virtues. But to sum up. She is super rad!!! Happy Birthday my sister!

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