Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today is a good day.

I feel, whole today. What do I mean?hmmm.

Well, last night Jeff and I had a nice conversation as we were going to sleep. He asked me how I had seen Heavenly Father's hand in my life that day. I saw it when I put Henry to bed, and he was sooo tired and unhappy and he did not want to go to bed. From somewhere in my soul, I found this amazing love and patience for Henry. My soft words and warm hug calmed him down and he went into his crib with no problem.

Somehow the love Heavenly father has for Henry melded with the love I have for Henry, and together we succeeded in helping Henry to feel secure and happy enough to go to sleep.

So as I started out the day today, I purposely looked for Heavenly Father's hand in my life. I found it in an unexpected place. I am the Art Docent for Anne Marie's kindergarten class. (An unpaid, volunteer position) Which means I introduce an artist, in this case Picasso. I then showcase a print of the artists' and explain a concept and then create an art project with the children. Now, I am not naturally artistic. I have always struggled with real art. I like to imitate art, I have my own ideas about design and decorating. But I do not consider myself an artist at all. However, for one day a month, I am the art expert to 22 kindergarteners in Mrs. Belmondo's class. For some of these children school may be the only place they are ever encouraged to create.

Today we created lobsters using water pastels. As I walked around the classroom, trying to encourage these sweet children and let them know that I thought that everything they were doing was wonderful, I realized that I was being used today as an instrument in God's hands in the lives of these children. And in return, I saw His hand in my own life. I gave of myself today. Albeit a small piece. The least talented piece perhaps. But I gave it freely, willingly and with love for Heavenly Father's precious little ones. I share this simply because I realized first hand today that when we take a moment to focus on others our lives are better.

If you've watched enough Oprah you become inundated with "take care of yourself first, love yourself first" then you can help others. Where as our church teaches to forget yourself and go to work. If we all waited til we were in the most perfect place or the most organized or least stressed in order to help someone else, we would never do it. Because that is not the way most normal lives are. We are never in the perfect place to help others. But until we step forward and do what we can to help bring a small piece of perfection to someone else's life, we will forever be waiting to be ready enough. I will never be ready enough, so I just do it anyway.

Today, I saw Heavenly Father's hand in my life, thru a lobster.

I can't wait to tell Jeff.

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