Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I wish I could record all the conversations I have with my kids. Little sound bites that I could replay over and over again, whenever I want. Things like:

"Anne Marie, who do you want to marry when you grow up?", I asked her.

"I want to marry someone who doesn't have a girlfriend" she replied.

"Oh, yeah? Why is that?" I wondered.

She thought for a moment. "Because he wouldn't have a friend. And he wants one friend. So I will be his one friend."

Conversations with Charlie are a little different.~

"Mom, what is your favorite color?" Charlie asked me.

"Today it is pink"

"What is your favorite animal mom?"

"It's a horse Charlie"

"Ok. Mom what is your favorite number?"

"well, Charlie, it is 6. Cuz I have 6 children."

"Ok mom. You have a pink horse with 6 heads!"

"Now ask me mom"

We worked out that his favorite animal was a green snake with no legs. I think he planned that ahead of time.

Then he said. "Do you know mom, that snakes used to have legs?"

"They did Charlie? When?"

"Probably when Jesus was alive."

I love talking to all my kids. They educate me on a daily basis.

However,I'm looking forward to more detailed conversations with Nora someday.

As of now Nora and I mainly have this conversation:

"Oh Nora, I love you, I love you, I love you!"

To which she replies,"whaa, whaa, whaa, guzzle, slurp, guzzle, whaa!"

And then she usually throws up on me. It's nice.

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