Thursday, November 6, 2008

A letter to Anne Shirley

Anne of Green Gables is my literary heroine. She is everything I would be if I could. And if I were to write a letter to Anne Shirley, I think it would go something like this.

Dear Miss Anne Shirley,

I have gained many things from the reading of your adventures. I have found my own bosom friends and kindred spirits. I have made plum puffs and chicken salad and served them outside! Scandalous, I know.
I wrap my children up in my arms and cuddle them goodnight and overindulge them with love and affection on a regular basis. Would you be proud of me for that? I think so.
I have allowed myself to be whimsical and day-dreamy and I have certainly been lost in my made up story lines of damsels in distress. I have been part of misunderstandings that were certainly innocent on my part. I have often wanted to "drink in" the loveliness that is around me and create something that is better than myself.
I have wished for a Miss Cornelia to sagely state "Just like a man" while we mend clothes and sew baby dresses. I have been inspired to befriend the prickly pears and find that they truly are sweet once you get past their prickles.
My temper has subsided with age and I no longer push boys down who say something mean. (I'm sorry Billy Dahlman and that kid from the gifted workshop).
I try to not be vain about the features I like about myself and to in turn not judge the features of others. I wish I could get a lesson from you on setting a table for "tea".
I'm happy to say that I married my own "Gilbert", though I never broke a slate over his head. I can read a good book from front to back without noticing a thing around me.
I named my 4th child after you and my mother (that's why it is Ann with an E ). And I often wonder what you, Anne, would do when faced with some of the events in my life.
I love you Anne Shirley. You are as real to me as many a friend, and truly you are a kindred spirit. I look forward to many re-readings of your adventures and sharing this joy with my own daughters.

With much devotion and warmest regards,

Mrs. Amy Allen


  1. Someday we'll make it to Prince Edward Island!!! I'm watching that movie with the girls on Saturday!!!

  2. This is too sweet. I just love Anne. I have hope for Roo, since Anne found Diana. She certainly fits the rest of Anne's personality, eek. I too would love to meet "Anne Shirley." I think there is a little in each of us.

  3. I am going to make an attempt to get Taylor to love the movie since she hates to read!!! this tomboy child truely related to me??? With all her skills at all sports that I have NONE of?????

  4. I really like Anne, too. Umm... that's all I have to say.



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