Monday, November 17, 2008

We had some firsts this weekend. Anne Marie has her first loose tooth. Nora rolled over from back to front for the first time. (she is 3 1/2 months old, Heaven help me)She also had her first fever. 100.8 I think I overreacted. Which is probably not unusual for me.

I tend to be a tad bit hypochondriachal. It's not that I think there is something always wrong with me. I just worry that if I don't figure out what the mysterious ailment or pain is, that it will become something wrong with me. When really it might just be a random pain that will go away all on it's own. So when my 3month old gets a fever, it's not that I think she has some terrible bacterial infection, but what if?

I know that's it's probably nothing, but it's part of my desire to be prepared by making sure I know, and everyone else know's, that there is always that remote possibility.

Let's see, also this weekend. I did some more rearranging and decorating. I think it's finally starting to come together the way I like. I know this drives Jeff crazy, cuz he told me in so many words. I asked him to put some new nails in for me so that I could rearrange the pictures. I then asked him if he liked how it looked. He said it really didn't matter if he liked them because I would probably rearrange them again anyway.

I can't help it if my brain feels crazy until I can look around and see everything the way I like it. It's an affliction I'm willing to live with and have my family live with. Because it helps me make our house nice. And eventually everything is where it should be and I stop rearranging and improving.

This week I am working on the office. It is a jumbled mess of books and random stuff that doesn't have a home. I'm hoping to not only paint and decorate but actually make it into something organized and useable. That would be awesome.

I'm having a hard time finding my inspiration today. I've got some gals coming over at 1 and my house is a mess, so I'm distracted by the need to clean before they come in. It's not the worst ever, but really, stuff shouldn't stick to your feet, especially at someone else's house. Eeww.

I should also eat breakfast some time today. It helps you know. Most important meal, and all that.

What is it with the blahs that literally make you feel so blah? I would love nothing better than to lounge on the couch all day today. I'm sure Jeff occasionally thinks that is all I do when he comes home to a mess, but really it isn't. But it would sure be nice today.
That's what the picture of the tree is for. It's me today. Kind of pretty in a plain sort of way, but really uninspiring and a little dead.

Do you think being tired can bring this humdrumness on? We had two kids in bed with us for half the night. I feel like half myself.

It's one theory.


  1. I've had a hard time getting going today too! I went to the spinning class at 6, all by myself I might add, and was pooped. When the baby went down at 9, for his am nap. I too took a nap! I'm not sure what's wrong, but I am sluggish! I did, however, fold my laundry and sort my bills. I'm halfway to completing today's tasks. Oh yeah, and totally ignoring my children. I'm a lousy mom. Oh well. I try. :)

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  3. I'd like to point out that I don't think All you do is lay around on the couch. Although the kids seem to be getting better and better at bringing me things and feeding me grapes. They must be practicing with someone....The reason you are feeling sluggish is probably the same symptoms that Maile has.... I love you, I hope you feel better. ;-). Oh, and BTW, everything you do when you decorate looks good, so I usually don't understand when you change it because it looked good the first time. That's all. -smile- -I like you!-


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