Saturday, November 8, 2008

What Heaven Smells Like

I'm pretty sure that Heaven smells really good. Depending on where you go or who you are visiting, it might have a variety of smells. Like, the smell after it rains, or homemade chocolate cake. But my Heaven will smell like this. Yes, that is the top of Nora's head. She just needs a little scratch and sniff sticker so everyone can smell sweet, Heavenly baby smell. I seriously must smell her head 500 hundred times a day. I smell the heads of other people's babies as well. It's intoxicating. What could be better than the smell of a child fresh from their Heavenly Father? So I'm putting this in with my order. Which is as follows.

Amy Allen's wish list for Heaven:

1.)One Eternal Companion-check
2.)All my children-check
3.)All extended family and friends-check
4.)The smell of new baby-check
5.)Eating without gaining weight-check

See, it really doesn't take much at all to make me happy :)


  1. I'm for sure crossing my fingers for number five!

  2. I can still remember what Taylor smelt like when she was a baby...mmmm I hope I never forget! So I have to say I LOVE the pic of Jeff with stickers all over him while sleeping. Makes me laugh out loud every time I see it! And I am shocked how much Kate and Julia look SO much like you yet they don't look like each other! And Charlie is soooooo stinkin tall! He looks so grown up and older. Bryce is always telling me how his misses his friend Charlie. But not nearly as much as I miss his mom I am you my dear friend.


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