Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ode to Maile

Shimmering, shining wavy brown hair.

Dimples, straight white teeth, infectious smile.

Love for family, home, her Savior Jesus Christ.

Friendly, funny, fantasticly fun, fabulous cook.

Adventurous, avid reader, personal pyschologist to many.

Laughter, opening her home to all, inspiring.

Beloved daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother, friend.

Giggly, silly, goofy, smiley, great, supreme.

Lovely, happy, smoochy, huggy, chocolate, diet pepsi.

Smart, creative, determined, daring, supportive.

Late night chats, burping contests, New York City, food.

Best friend, thick and thin, laugh, cry, joy, sorrow.

I present my sister Maile Tana (Granger) Flanders


  1. Are you calling me thick? (says Maile) You forgot, naked knee buckler, friend to all, hot mama and sneaky snake!

  2. Aahh shucks.....I love you too. I finally got around to signing up so I could comment on this. Your blog is awesome and your subject material is the best :)


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