Monday, October 6, 2008


Has it really already been 11 years?

The Menu
consisted of Jeff's
famous homemade pizza, pineapple pork chops
(since Jeff cannot
eat his own famous pizza)
salad with veggies from
my moms garden and the
most delicious from
scratch chocolate cake
ever! (Recipe courtesy
of the lovely Teresa Tennis)

Kate's one and only birthday wish was for an American Girl Doll
. We happily obliged. She cares naught for things of the world and joys in things that are simple, lovely and wholesome. What a girl.

10 Reasons to love Kate
1. She is beautiful
2. She loves her Heavenly Father
3. She is talented and lovely
4. She loves her family
5. She is intelligent and well read
6. She is exceedingly kind
7. She wants to serve a mission
8. She is trustworthy
9. She lights up a room when she enters
10. She cares more for others than herself and she
adds a richness to our family that we couldn't live without.

Yes, she really is all those things, and yes she really is only 11. But knowing her is to know that it is all true and she is truly wonderful. Happy Birthday our Darling Kate!! We love you


  1. Oh, if only Ruby would turn out that nice. I do remember Kate as more a stinker when she was really little, so I have VERY high hopes. Hope you liked the cake! Did you pass the enemies yet? Your walls looks adorable! That's "my" blue. As soon as I have 2 seconds (hahahahaha) I'm going to paint. I bought the paint 2 months ago. But I really am going to...

  2. I can't believe Kate is so old! She looks beautiful and she looks just like her MOM! Wow. I miss you guys--I'm so glad I can keep tabs on you guys on your blog!

  3. I have to agree with everything Amy (Mom) said about our wonderful Kate! Add that I am so proud of my first grandchild. And, Kate, I have no idea what Teresa meant when she said you were a stinker when you were really little? You have always been perfect to me!!!!! Love, Grandma Allen


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