Monday, October 20, 2008


Jeff and I love Ellensburg. It is where we first met and fell in love. It is where our first child was born. It is where Jeff's parents and sister still live. Because of that we have a legitimate reason to go over whenever we can. This weekend we headed over for Trevor Easley's birthday party and for Jeff to show off his manly skills at fence fixing. The drive over was breathtaking. The leaves are starting to change to more exciting colors and we really have the prettiest mountains, dontcha think?

My fantastic sister in law wanted a pool party for her beautiful one year old. What an awesome idea. I have fond memories of the Ellensburg pool . In college, Maile and Teresa and I would spend a lot of time there. Unfortunately, so did one of my history professors. He was a man of exceptional girth and yet insisted on wearing a purple speedo. To this day I do not remember his actual name, he is forever Purple Speedo Man. Luckily for all, I do not have a picture of this man, but I'm sure you all can imagine. Anyway, so We all headed off to the Ellensburg pool to enjoy some play time. I of course stayed pool side with Nora and took loads of pictures. (It had nothing whatsoever to do with my post-baby body issues, I assure you)

Anne Marie and cousin Layla.

All of Jeff and his siblings are very comfortable in the water and were taught at a young age by Coach Don how to dive. So of course a diving "contest" ensued. I have determined a winner. This amazing chic, my sister in law Dawn, is 5 months pregnant!!! Can you believe that? She wins hands down.

Dawn, Matt, and Mr. Trevor, the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday little man!
My HOTTIE husband putting his skills to work with Delayna's AWESOME husband Ron. (I just put this in here so you could see how cute Jeff is!)

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  1. Could I love Ellensburg more? I mean, really? You are the luckiest ever. And this is the best time of year to be there. Or the Spring, or maybe the Winter, well..maybe the Summer. Did I say I like it there? How fun. And the pool. Man, those were great times. (sans the speedo) Remember the sauna? And Matty cannonballing off the diving board. Those really were the greatest times.


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