Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wedding Rings are important

Wedding rings are important. Yes, they represent a sacred union, they symbolize eternity, but more importantly, they let other people know that you are married.

Example: Last Wednesday after having an ultrasound by a nice but ordinary young woman, I waited to have a CT Scan. When it was my turn, in walked a young man who I assume is very used to being treated as a hunka hunka burnin man love. Personally, he didn't do it for me. I prefer the tall, gangly type, kind of goofy with the perfect smile and thick auburny hair.
The first silly thing out of this tech's mouth was "Let's go back and I'll get you changed". What?! Now, not for a moment do I think he was at the beginning of a poorly planned pick up line. He just chose his words weirdly. But inwardly I was already laughing at Mr. Muscles.
We proceeded to "get me changed" and on into the room with the CT Scan. After what felt like hours of "take a deep breath and hold it" "now breathe", the whole time being in agony, we ended up waiting a little longer while the Doctor made his decision to "do one more" or not.
During this interim Hunky Tech Man comes over to deliver this news and the most rediculous thing came out of his mouth. "We've been in here so long I bet your boyfriend has wondered what happened to you".
My boyfriend? Is he nuts?
Did he forget that one of the screening questions he asked me was if there was a chance I could be pregnant and I said"Oh no, I just had a baby two months ago".
Does he normally insult women by assuming that they wouldn't be married to the father of their baby? Word of advice, assume their married first, shacking up second.
But what struck me the most was that he referred to Jeff, my darling husband, as a mere boyfriend. That is like calling Godiva chocolate Hershey's, RealWhipped cream Cool Whip, the Ocean a lake, The Ritz "quaint" or Disneyland "boring". It felt foreign and insulting and weird and my response? I just laughed and couldn't wait to tell Jeff because he would laugh too.
So I realized that this "misunderstanding" may have resulted from my wedding ring being in my jewelry box where I put it during my pregnancy as my fingers became too waterlogged to wear it any longer. And it still doesn't really fit without causing permanent nerve damage.
So in order to fend off any future overtures by Mr. Hunky CT Scanner techs, I'm sporting the little beauty pictured above. (It's amazing what $25 can buy).
As if anyone really could compete with HIM



  1. Well hello handsome! For someone "new" to the world of blogging you are rockin it! I love seeing your kids! I know...crazy that Kate is 11 and Tay will soon follow...remember when we hit the mall with only one child to our name..pusking them in strollers..and Taylor in a dress and some guy thinkin she was a boy? ha ha I miss you being here...Even better..remember the days of sharing ham fried rice and you picking out the peas from Chang Chang's..and being so poor we "borrowed" change from roommates just to share a Diet Pepsi? Thanks for a lifetime of amazing memories that I am so glad I got to have with you...Ah I am getting mushy in my old age!! lol

  2. LOL! Amy that is hilarious! What are you doing "shacking up" with your boyfriend and letting random guys "get you changed!?" That story is so dang funny. You'll just have to stop being such a babe! I miss you. BTW--love the ring!


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