Friday, October 24, 2008


I need to vent, if I may, Wait, of course I may, it's my blog! Being an election year and living in the Northwest, I found that there are new things that irritate me.

So begins my rant.(shortened due to time constraints)

1. I eat red meat, and like it.

2. I forget to turn lights off.

3. I forget to turn my outside water off, sometimes it's on all night!

4. I think some of the new playground rules are dumb, like you can't run on the pavement, seriously?

5. I don't always Recycle. Sometimes my recyclables go right into the trash. Shocking, I know.

6. I feed my children sugar before bed, not always, but enough.

7. I hate Mean People Suck bumper stickers.

8. I occasionally throw things away that could probably be donated. (aren't I awful?)

9. I take my family to McDonalds, gross, I know.

10. I don't care that Anne Marie got in trouble for screaming in the bathroom at school. Echo's are the coolest and instead she should have gotten a reward for being so curious about resonant wave. Stupid no screaming in the bathroom rules.

11.I hate that I have no choice in the way my taxes are used to help others.

12. I am pretty sure that it's normal for kids to crowd around the birthday kid while they open presents. I can hardly restrain myself, how do you expect a 6 year old to do it?

13. I think getting your tongue pierced is DUMB. There, I said it!

14. I think homework before 5th grade stinks.

15. I wish more moms stayed home with their kids.

16. I'm a conservative talk radio junky, and proud of it.

17. I get angry that freedom of choice doesn't include unborn babies.

18. I really, really hate that one side of my hair curls better than the other.

19. I leave the water running while I do dishes and brush my teeth, and so far no cartoon fish has asked me to please conserve, so it must be ok.

20. I hate lying liars who lie.

21. I am smart enough to talk on my cell phone and drive without killing anyone. Believe me, I do waaay dumber things than that while I drive.

22. I hate that rhododendrons are only pretty for one month out of the year.

There, I think that about covers it. I should be good for another 6 months.

And besides, who can stay irritated on such a good hair day?


  1. Amy--you are the best blogger ever! Holy cow. I've enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up on your life. I miss you!

  2. AHH-MENN! You're so funny. I have seen many of these things up close and personal, I truly enjoy you writing about them. Very cute picture!


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