Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend recap

Oh dear, the weekend is over. And I'm actually glad.

Usually I dread Monday, but the weekend was only so/so, sooo I am glad it's over.


1.I got reprimanded for the behavior of one of my children. That was fun.

2. I was asked to substitute teach for the 11 year old boys class at church. Luckily they combined those boys with another class and I was off the hook. But the anxiety leading up to it was enough for me to be glad Sunday was over. I've taught a lot, but never boys that age. I guess I won't know if it was going to be as awful as I feared. And nothing against boys that age. I have one who is almost 10, so I know. Maybe THAT is why I was nervous to teach it.

3. I had to field many, many questions about what there was to eat. And my answer? Bread. Luckily tomorrow is shopping day.

4. The sun never came out and it rained all weekend. Booo!

5. And then Charlie came in several times in the middle of the night to tell us how much his stomach hurt. I won't jinx my family by talking more about it, but being awakened in the middle of the night makes you feel like you didn't sleep enough. Oh wait, that's because I didn't sleep enough. But when do I ever?

So Charlie stayed home today. Except for when I had to drive Julia's lunch to school. But he got to stay in his pajamas at least.

And highlights of the weekend.

1. Jeff finished the gates for the Willy Wonka play that Kate and Julia are in. Pretty awesome I think!

2. And the Candy boat

3. I got my hair highlighted. I feel better. My hair was starting to look like a "brown football helmet". (Name that movie) No pictures cuz who really cares? Just me.

4. We watched Mr. Popper's Penguins with Jim Carrey. It was really funny. Completely clean and Jim Carrey was really entertaining. I highly recommend it.

Happy Monday folks.


  1. Dearest Amy,
    As ever I adore you and loved your synopsis of the weekend. May the sun shine upon you if only for a moment today.


  2. Love the blog and Jeff your theatre props are awesome!

  3. I am glad its Monday too it was a hard weekend. The answer to your trivia is Steel Magnolia's love that show! I too was very impressed with the movie and especially how clean it was. Another reeeeallly good show is Dolphin Tale so so so good! I hope you have a good week. I will try and send some sun your way when it comes out from behind the clouds:)

  4. You are so amazing to live in the clouds like you do. I'm not sure I would make it, I must have sun, MUST! Your weekend sounds pretty great..

  5. I love seeing Charlie in his PJ's!!!!


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