Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grey days

I have found the downside to 365 days of reality. Some days, my reality is such that I want to go to bed instead of blogging.

But I have committed. I am not very good at writing in the journal that sits by my bed, so I need to be good here so that when my brain becomes addled I will be able to read this and maybe a glimpse will come back to me.

Just like The Notebook. I bawled my eyes out to that movie, by the way.

I woke up to more gray, grey? I can never remember. When it's grey, I feel the same. Which is not a good thing when you live where it is grey a lot.

But luckily, my SIL brought over her two youngest, and that baby especially puts me in a good mood.

Kate was home, sort of sick today. So when baby Sean started nodding off and looking sleepy, she happily acted as a crib of sorts.

And then Amy came to pick them up, and Amy herself is like sunshine. I always feel happier after talking to her. So maybe it's not the grey outside as much as feeling trapped inside. People talking to me helps. Talk to me people.

Henry then had a play date, and I had a date on the couch with Nora watching Dora. Our favorite. It seemed that time slipped by rather quickly, meaning I fell asleep, and then it was time to get Henry.

Now being the wonderful mother that I am, I asked Henry if he was hungry when I picked him up. He said yes, so we headed to McD's for some french fries. He wanted an ice cream cone as well. I said no. Not because I care if he has an ice cream cone, but because those waiting at home would be unhappily surprised to see Henry chowing on a vanilla cone and me empty handed.

Because of afternoon traffic, it took twenty minutes to get home. And the whole time I heard this: "Ice cream cooooone!!!"  Repeated 800 times, combined with wailing, crying and screeching. I ignored it. Which you would think would end it since he was getting no attention for it. However, he was still crying as we walked into the house. And then he was still crying as he sat to eat his food. I finally stopped ignoring him and told him that he could keep crying as long as he did it upstairs in his room. He decided to stop crying. Sort of. Enough that it counted.

I then found out that a friend from high school passed away. It just made me so sad. I cried at my computer for a while. Kind of in shock that someone so young could be gone. She was among my group of friends, but we hadn't spoken since high school. Just Facebook. But she had still been my friend at one time. She was 37. A mom, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a wife. Too many stories lately of people in their 30's passing away. It really made me pause for a moment to see how much I appreciate my life, this body I have been given, the family I love.

Even on the grey days.

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