Monday, January 9, 2012

Being a birthday boy rocks.

The birth of my most favorite man in the whole world was celebrated on Saturday.

I was really excited about his presents. Why? Because we gave him awesome ones.

But, the day started with french toast and orange juice and sausage. Except the sausage had one bite taken before it was realized that it had been in our fridge too long. Ewww.  Jeff had been in charge of the sausage, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Hi birthday boy. Rwaarrr!

We were hoping to find something fun and awesome to do, but alas, part of being a grown up is that you still have things  you have to do, obligations to fulfill. Even on your birthday.

Jeff has volunteered to build part of the set for the girls play, Willy Wonka. So he was working on that, on his birthday. I would have said it can wait, but he's all full of integrity and stuff. Pshh.

And while he did that, I feel asleep on the couch. Whose birthday was it?

But then I made dinner. Jeff's FAVORITE dinner. White sauce enchiladas. Some of the kids and I had pizza, cheese for them, vegan for me. But Jeff was REALLY happy about his dinner.  And it was really sweet of him not to care that half of his family couldn't or wouldn't eat them. Just like I won't care that my family won't want to eat the

Seitan Stuffed with Walnuts, Dried Cranberries, and Mushrooms

that I'm going to have on my birthday. 

After dinner we had him open presents. Drum roll please. First Anne Marie and Nora gave him their presents. We like to recycle gifts in our family. So Jeff got a lovely pink blanket and a broken wonder pets boat. It was really sweet. 

But the big surprise? We got Jeff a gift certificate to IFLY. Have you heard about this place? It's an indoor sky diving facility. It's supposed to be awesome. He was uber surprised and excited. He usually guesses his presents, just kind of knows somehow what he is getting. But he was really surprised this time. I guess usually my gifts are lame, because boy does he look surprised:)
I also had this idea to get him mechanics coveralls. He had been out replacing the starter on the van, and he had to search high and low for some clothes that would be warm enough, but that he didn't care if they got wrecked. And I thought, he spends so much time, and saves us so much money by working on our cars, that he should have something to wear while he's doing it. It only took me 15 years to think of this. That's how long he's been fixing our cars. The funny thing is he thought the exact same thing that day. So he was genuinely pleased and happy about the coveralls when he opened them. 
Then what would be a birthday without one goofy present. Jeff and I saw this thing on an infommercial,  that is supposed to help you squeeze the water out of your tuna fish can. We made lots of fun of it, because, who can't just use the lid? And then I saw one in Safeway, and bought it! He laughed and laughed when he opened it. Plus, he does eat a lot of tuna fish, so maybe the thing will actually prove to be useful. 
After presents, everyone was still too stuffed for cake, so we watched the new Winnie the Pooh movie. It was so sweet. And what a great dad to watch a movie that his kids (and wife) wanted to see. Henry had commandeered the camera, and even though I know he loves his dad more than me, he seemed to be intent on taking pictures of me, not his dad. He especially thought he was funny when he took pictures of my "boo boo's". You can guess what those are, and no, I won't post a picture. I do have some self respect. 

After the movie, everyone ate cake. Peanut butter cup cake. It's basically a chocolate cake, with peanut butter frosting, covered in mini peanut butter cups. Jeff loves peanut butter and chocolate, so he was in pb and c heaven.

After we attempted to put the kids to bed, Jeff and Kate and I watched  That Thing You Do. Do you remember that movie? It was still good, 16 years later.

I think Jeff had a good birthday, he seemed to.

Saturday was a good day, all day. Although the weekend did have a few awesome quotes that I have to share with you.

Anne Marie was getting reprimanded for her messy room. And I in my annoying motherly-ness, was telling her that it was her responsibility. That Nora's room didn't get messy before her and Anne Marie shared, so I knew that Anne Marie was largely accountable. So she said to me, in all her 8 year old confidence, "Well! That's because I don't just want to sit around WATCHING TV all the time. I like ADVENTURE!"

I wonder how she likes the adventure of cleaning the mountain of clothes and toys that is her room.

The second awesome quote came from Henry. He came crying into our room. "What's the matter Henry?"

"Charlie sat on my bed in just his underwearrrrrr!"

Lil man did not want to sleep in a bed that had been touched by big brother's underpants. This went on for a while. Henry retaliated by sitting on Charlie's bed sans pants. This escalated to a point that I don't want to tell you about, but I can sum it up by telling you this: Boys are weird.

But not Jeff. Or maybe its just that I don't mind if he sits on my bed  in just his underpants.

Happy Birthday Jeffy dear!


  1. Happy Birthday Jeff!!! We miss you guys!

    P.S. Daniel got a Snuggie for Christmas and loves it and his coveralls are nasty brown and orange. Maybe I will upgrade those next year.

  2. Happy Birthday Jeff!!! You are awesome!

  3. happy birthday to jeff! also, those stories at the end made me laugh so much! i miss you guys!!


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