Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh my! Life was interesting last week. We lost power for a few days. But it was sooo fun! We spent so much time together as a family with Jeff home sick and the kids home from school. Today is rather depressing as everything turns back to normal.

And in case you're wondering, no I don't pay Jeff to say such nice things about me. And yes, I get a little embarrassed. I have a hard time with attention. But I do love him and I'm grateful that he loves me.

Though everyone is back at school today, there was still a two hour delay because of icy roads. So we are off to a late start and my day is basically cut in half. I don't mind. Sleeping in one more day was great!

But because my camera battery was dead, I took no pictures of our white out/power outage. So instead I'm sharing a picture of my nephews. It just made us laugh.

There is a 14 year gap between them. I think baby Sean is lucky to have a big brother (3 of them actually, and a sister) to look after him. And of course an aunt who is especially partial to him. (that's me!)

Anyhoo-I must get the last of my school kids on the bus. Toodles!
I apologize for being boring today. Sometime THAT is my reality.


  1. Pretty cool picture! My oldest and youngest grandchildren all in one jacket!!!

  2. Boring is good sometimes!! I have an owie shoulder and spent the day being lazy and sleeping....Very much not my normal type of day.....


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