Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have a love/dislike relationship with bedtime. I love it because snuggling with my kids is pretty much one of the greatest joys in life.

Listening to their little voices make comments on the stories, picking a song to be sung, hearing "I love you Mommy", it all just makes me all warm in the heart and makes me hug ever so tightly their squishy little bodies.

I also dislike it, because more often than not, when I leave the room and say good night, Jeff or I must repeatedly take them BACK to bed.

Here is Nora, going to bed, having insisted on riding daddy's shoulders.

Doesn't she look so sweet, as if she will ACTUALLY stay in bed?

On this particular night, we ended up bringing her into bed with us so that her and Anne Marie would stop talking and fall asleep. It was an awesome night.

And I'm not sure my kids grow out of this phase until they are in middle school. And by then, they WISH they could go to bed, but they have so much homework to do they can't.

In other news from the world of love/dislike, at our school we have a solution room.

If you are naughty on the playground, you and whoever you are not getting along with must go to a room with a teacher and talk it out. Then you must write down what you did wrong, if you are in the wrong, and bring it home for your parent to sign.

Yesterday Anne Marie had to go to the solution room. It was a very unpleasant experience for her and I won't embarrass her by telling you what she did. And I acknowledge that she was completely in the wrong. BUT! I take issue with some of the way it was handled.
It seems that the solution room teacher told the girls that if they did such and such again, she would write down that they were all bullies. I don't like that. (Their school, like many, has a very strict no bullying policy.)

On second thought, I will tell you what she did, lest you think it's something really awful. One of her friends was mad at another friend, so she got Anne Marie and another girl to add Enemy to the end of the girls name and call her that. Gwenemy for instance. Not nice, but not the worst thing either. I'm more concerned that my daughter was a follower, actually. Anyway.....

When I signed her solution room paper I wrote of my my displeasure at the bully label threat on the back.

I said, "While I appreciate the purpose of the solution room, I am concerned that threatening the girls with the title of "Bully" is actually intimidation and a form of bullying itself. I would much rather they hear that they would be known as kind when/if they behave appropriately."

Look at me, being all assertive and stuff.

Seriously, give the kids something to live up to! I would much rather hear that I would be known as kind and good then be threatened to be labeled a bully. It puts the solution room teacher in a good position as a mentor, rather than just a punisher.

Maybe I'm wrong and kids need a good dose of angry-ness. Especially on their first trip there. But I don't think so.

Also, in love news, I decorated my mantel for Valentine's Day.

I found that lovely Monet giclee at Deseret Industries for 5 buckaroos. The rest of the stuff I had, and the banner I made out of some vintage fabric my great aunt gave me.

It could use more Valentine-y goodness, but I am low on mulah so it will do. You realize that the next round of chocolates and calories is almost upon us? What is a chocolate loving girl to do? Take deep breaths and repeat: "I like chocolate, but I LOVE fitting into my clothes." Try it, it sort of works! Ha ha ha

Have a wonderful day, full of love and likes. And hopefully no dislikes!


  1. My eldest daughter, who you know, took a bracelet from JC Penney's when she was three. We thought we would like to help teacher her a lesson, so we took her back to the store to return it and say she was sorry, thinking this would be punishment and a lesson. WELL...the store manager had a different take on it. He took he in his office, yelled at her, basically calling her a criminal, showed her the book he was writing her name in and said if there was one more incident he would be calling the police and she would be carted off to jail...ok, so this might work with a teenager, but a three year old???? Needless to say, that ended our shopping at JC Penneys!

  2. TEACH HER :)love how that H just joined those two words together!!!!

  3. You are just so AWESOME!! I need a good long dose of Amy in this house of mine..... MAN!

  4. I miss you. Not having you 2 minutes away anymore stinks, so thanks for keeping me up thru your blog. I love the way you write. Just so ya know...... xoxo


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