Friday, January 20, 2012

Power Outage, School cancellations, and Other Chaos

Many of you may be wondering what has happened to Amy's Spoonful of Sugar over the last couple days. I miss her wit and wisdom; I miss her words of fantasy and fun; most of all I miss her dose of reality that sends me over that emotional precipice on a daily basis. I love her more than anything. Amy is a wonderful woman and a kindred spirit to so many of you, but also to me. We laugh together; we cry together; and we are growing old together.

She is amazingly talented, too. I love hearing her voice whether she's singing, speaking, or sharing a story with me or the kids. Her voice is like sweet nectar in my ear.

Anyway, we lost power at our house yesterday around 1pm and so I am in the coffee shop up the street so I could work. And Amy asked if I could update the blogosphere with her latest. So, with the power out, Amy's brother came over and helped us get the generator running, ( I didn't know you had to have a clean spark plug to have it work). We watched a movie by generator power, we told stories and had a mini talent show. School has been cancelled the whole time. I had kidney stones so I couldn't go to Atlanta, so was working from home the last few days, too.

Anyway, She'll be back as soon as possible. Maybe I'll set it up so she can email her blog post in.



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  1. Awww How wonderful! Wish my hubby would say the same but alas I think he may not :)


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