Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Seems hairspray has more than one function.

While our trip this last weekend was so much fun, it did have one negative side effect.

It seems that when we threw all of our belongings back into our suitcase at our friends' house, my hairspray somehow attached itself to one of Jeff's shoes.

Attached meaning it was pushed against the shoe in just the right angle to completely empty it's entire cannister worth of hairspray inside of Jeff's shoe.

No big deal, right? Well, other than a twisted insole and the pungent smell of Tresemme, we didn't think so.

And then as Jeff was kneeling down (luckily back at home by this time), his shoe completely fell apart.

It just popped apart. It seems that as well as being good at getting pen mark out of clothing, and gum out of carpets, that hairspray is also proficient at dissolving the glue that holds shoes together.

Who knew?

Which makes me wonder, what the heck am I putting in my hair?


  1. That is awesome. And am I wrong to be thankful that it attacked one of Jeff's shoes and not some of your clothes? That would have been tragic.

  2. ha ha ha ha ha! There's nothing good in that hairspray....But what a wonderful new discovery!

  3. Holy smoke!! And to think I use enough hair spray every day to withstand a 50 mile an hour wind. Maybe the cheapo stuff I use is too weak to dissolve a shoe???

  4. Glad it happened at home and not outside in one of these lovely March rainstorms we're having!

    Speaking of questioning the things we use on our bodies... my friend's daughter put lotion all over their (brand new) bathroom vanity. My friend started wiping it up and the paint came right up with the lotion! Makes me wonder how the lotion can be good for the skin when it can remove paint :)

  5. What an eye opener! I too am concerned at the products we use.....It is no wonder we have allergies!


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