Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I happily like to share (translation:brag) about my children's talents and successes.

It's what a mother does, and it's what this blog is really about, see. It's keeping a record for them so that they can look back and go, "Oh yeah, I am awesome!"

We have a naturally theatrical family. I don't know exactly how it happened. Both Jeff and I acted in high school and we are known to have dance parties and carry on entire conversations in the style of James Cagney or Monty Python. True story. SO maybe that has something to do with it. Probably.

As our children have show interest in performing, we have always encouraged and supported that. So when I sit in the audience listening to Kate's choir solo or watching Julia shine as "perfect speaking child", I secretly wish I could be up there too. It's addicting in a wonderful way. The applause, getting to pretend to be someone else and feeling that you gave your all.

Since November Julia has been rehearsing for the musical My Son Pinnochio: Geppetto's Story.

She played 3 different roles in the play, as did many of the kids, and I got so emotional watching her on stage, her voice clear and beautiful, her expressions delightful, her focus inspiring.

Am I a proud mama or what?

She has 3 performances total. Two last Saturday and one this coming Saturday. So if you're in the area and want to see a really well done middle school production, come on over!

But here we are after her performance. (Charlie went with me the night before, otherwise he would be in these pictures too! and Henry and Nora were with a babysitter-thanks Olivia!)

It was wonderful!


  1. Do you always have to look so cute and hip? I only have five and I never look near as cute as you. Although, I never have. Miss you!

  2. Such great pictures!

    And you? Dramatic? I can't picture it. :)

  3. What a happy looking group of people! Sorry I can't see the play, but thank you for bragging. It's made me smile!

  4. Great job Julia!!!!!!! You are the best lamb pretending to be a duck I've ever seen!

  5. You were amazing Julia! The whole school loved the play.
    And I loved babysitting Henry and Nora. They were adorable little angels!

  6. so so so awesome!!! Something that is so difficult for so many she does with such ease!!!!!
    AND I agree with Teresa, super cute lady!!

  7. Such fun to be in a play I always loved to perform! You have such a cute family!

  8. We had so much fun watching you perform Julia!! You were wonderful!!


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