Friday, March 18, 2011

To do list:Have a concert in my house-check!

So guess what?

Mindy Gledhill is in fact coming to my house!!!!!

I love this girl. She has it all, talent, looks, sense of purpose, and she makes great music that is uplifting and happy and just down right good.

And did I mention, she's coming to my house?!!!

And you're invited.

March 31st, here, at my house! 7 pm-be there or be super square!

10 dollars at the door. What other concert could you get such a lovely intimate setting, AND only pay 10 dollars for?

If you can't make it to my house, Mindy is touring right now, you can go here to buy tickets.

In the Northwest, she is coming to Olympia and Yakima, and to Portland. So whatever you do, wherever you are, don't miss it!

Mindy also released her new video from her latest album. Enjoy. And email me if you want to come!


  1. YEAH!!! Can't believe Mindy will be next door at your house!!We are so in!! What time?

  2. Right now we're thinking 7:30. I'm just waiting to hear back on the time from Mindy. I'm soooo excited!

  3. How cool are you?!! I wish I could come. That will be so much fun.
    Oh and by the way...I was thinking of you the other day and how amazing and domestic you are. I think I want to try making bread. What's the recipe you use?

  4. SUUUUUUUPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER exciting!!! OHHHH and I wish I were there!

  5. oh yeah - and that was me, not Peter. 'Scott' told me he loved me last week. Weird. (Just kidding, it was Maile being Scott, like I am being Peter today)

  6. hi! i just popped on here from some site...can't remember now, but i like your blog. the music from mindy is good. i haven't ever heard of her? how cool she's going to be at your house!!!


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