Friday, March 4, 2011

Duty fulfilled

Well, my brush with the judicial system is over.

All in all it went pretty well.

I read two books, ate a mountain of snacks, and drank 3 or 4 diet pepsi's.

I was one of 20 jurors who never received an assignment. We were told we were going to get one, then they came on the loud speaker and said that the judges had decided to wait until Monday and that we could all go home. Our duty was fulfilled.

Yay. For. Me.

Not really. I was actually pretty miffed. They had a big shpiel ( is that how you spell that?Frances-I know you know:) on how grateful they were for our service and that they realized what a sacrifice it was for everybody.

But I do wonder at our tax dollars at work. Isn't there a better way to streamline things so that you don't have 25 people sitting around for a day and a half for absolutely no reason at all? People that are being paid to just sit around?

It baffles me.

And I know that for some that sounds great to sit around all day doing nothing. But for me-super boring!

All I could think about was all the things I needed to be getting done, but was not.

Oh well. I did read two really good books that I highly recommend.

Peace Like A River by Leif Enger
Winter's Garden by Kristin Hannah

Well, we are off for the weekend. We are going away to pretend like we're newlyweds again with 3 other couples. We all met our spouses at the Institute of Religion for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints about 15 years ago and between the 4 of us we have 18 1/2 children. (I'm not the one with half).

Our friends Karen and Brad are hosting and she talks a little about it here.

And next week, I will be talking about Dressing Your Truth. My friend Jill had asked about Kate's reference to being a Type 2 with a Secondary 4, which is part of Dressing your Truth And I will explain that, finally, next week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm sorry that you had to sit around all day, but what a great way to get some reading in.

    Oh, and it's spiel. But English is a living language and both the meaning and spelling of words change with time, custom, and use. So you could argue that you are merely a progressive speller. Yes, you are part of the driving force behind our ever-evolving language!

    (And with that, I should remind you that today in National Grammar Day. You should diagram sentences with the kids to celebrate!)

  2. What that sounds like to me is that you were paid to take time for yourself. Something that if your like me you rarely do!! I'd take that as a mind refreshing day and a half where you were able to read 2 books(sounds heavenly) uninterrupted!!!!!

    Much better way to look at that time spent, AND you got paid, BONUS!!

  3. Loved the book Peace Like a River! Sorry you had to waste so much of your time though. Hope your couples get away is fun.


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