Monday, March 28, 2011

Reading in bed

So once again, I got the bug to move children around and into different bedrooms. For some time now Anne Marie has been wanting/begging to be in with her little sister Nora. So I did it! And now there is an extra room that we can use as a playroom. Anne Marie was very lonely all by herself, and I was TIREd of all their toys spilling out of their rooms. So this set up gives me Hiigh Hopes that bedrooms will stay tidy. I like clean bedrooms. I don't care so much if a playroom is clean on a regular basis. And since it is only Henry, Nora and Anne Marie are the only ones who play with toys anymore, it doesn't feel quite as overwhelming to have them all in one room. My only hangup was what to do with Anne marie's bed. When I moved her in with Nora I used a white bed frame we already had in storage, so that it would match the existing decor in Nora's room. And that left Anne Marie's black bed. I didn't want to take it down quite yet, because what if I get another mattress and we use it for a guest room as well? So instead of having to decide right away, I just left it. And it has become the area of the play room where we can read in bed. (For some reason my spacing isn't working in blogger, and I'm feeling too lazy to try and fix it. so sorry for the huge paragraph) Cheesy, I know. But I've read to both Henry and Nora in that rocker, and they thought it was the bomb diggity that we were in the bed. Yes they did. So for now it stays. Unless of course I change my mind again. Which, I'm known to do:)


  1. how fun to read in bed:) I love that they want to share a room how cute. You should post a picture of what it looks like now.

  2. oh, you are funny. putting a chair inside a bed frame? you are crazy girl! it surely isn't something any normal person would do!!! but, yeah, i'm sure kids think it's the coolest thing ever! me too, maybe.

  3. I love it! You are so imaginative and creative!!


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