Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Anne Marie had her very first soccer game ever on Saturday.

She was VERY nervous.

But with a pep talk from her coach .....

.........she got right in there!

It helped that her best friend was playing on the other team. Every few minutes they would stop to hug, and at one point Anne Marie was running up the field and looked behind her to see that Macy was still farther back. So Anne Marie stopped and waited for Macy, they held hands and ran the rest of the way together.

Every time Macy had the ball, Anne Marie would just run along side her. She never tried to get it away from Macy, or vice versa. And when Anne Marie would do something well, Macy would pat Anne Marie and tell her good job.

I'm not sure it was a good strategy if they wanted to win, but it was certainly a good strategy for their friendship.


  1. Love this post about Anne Marie....She is a lover not a fighter! When she was just here she kept kissing my cheek.....Melt a Nonna's heart!

  2. I was so little!!


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