Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One more reason being 8 is great!

Our weekend was wonderful and busy! Anne Marie was baptized with her cousin Layla on Saturday and it was Henry's birthday on Sunday. I laid around all day yesterday recovering and it was awesome!

It was sweet to see how supportive Anne Marie's brothers and sisters were. Kate, Julia and I sang a song for the baptism and I had to look down the whole time to keep from crying. Which, if you've ever performed, YOU DON'T LOOK DOWN! You look at your audience. But I just couldn't.

Anne Marie and her cousin are only 18 days apart in age. So it worked out perfectly to have them baptized the same day. What a great memory for both of them.

If you're curious as to why we baptize our children when they turn 8, go here for a better explanation than I could ever give:)

I love my sweet daughters and sons. It is such a wonderful thing to watch them choose the waters of baptism and to see their inner glow.

I'm so happy my family is forever!

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  1. She looks so tickled! I love it. Congrats to your sweet family.


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