Monday, September 5, 2011

A pity party story

Illustration of a rocket ship shooting into outer space..

Once upon a time, there were two best friends. Amil and Jefferson. They did everything together and shared many interests, but they also had their own dreams.

Amil always longed to be an astronaut. He thought about it all the time, but wasn't sure if he could take time away from the 6 bunnies he took care of. That was HIS job after all, and he loved them very much.

But then it happened. They advertised for people who wanted to go into space. To be REAL astronauts! Amil couldn't believe it. It was his chance to live his dream! The first thing he did was to run and tell Jefferson. Maybe Jefferson could even take care of his bunnies for him while he was in space!

Then Amil got a GREAT idea, hey Jefferson, why don't you come too?!!! I can find someone else to watch the bunnies.

Well, Jefferson had never thought about being an astronaut, but what the heck, it sounded fun!

Amil was so excited. He wanted to be an astronaut so badly. And if he got to be one with his best friend Jefferson, then all his dreams would be coming true!

So Amil and Jefferson went off to astronaut school. They had to learn a lot of things that astronauts do. They had to learn exercises that were kind of like dancing to keep them healthy in space. They had to sing in order to keep their mouths and vocal chords working. And they had to pretend and play to help their brains work good too!

They both worked very hard. But what they didn't know was that the Astronaut teachers didn't want both of them.

They only wanted Jefferson. They thought Amil would be an ok astronaut, but Jefferson fit in the pilot's seat better. But wait, Jefferson hadn't really wanted to be an astronaut, he just thought it had sounded fun. It was Amil who had dreamed of going into space.

But it wasn't all bad. They asked Amil if he would clean the launch pad so that it would be ready for Jefferson to take off in the big shiny rocket ship. And as much as Amil wanted to watch Jefferson doing what he, Amil, had always dreamed of, he declined the offer. And instead he went home and cried into his pillow.

But hey! At least Amil didn't have to find anyone to watch his bunnies, right?

The end.

(Translation: Jeff got a main role in the play. I didn't. I was asked to be in the chorus and I declined. I deal with sadness through humor and weird little stories!!)


  1. Leave it to "Jefferson" to unwittingly fall into a role like that. You both talented and beautiful - surely there's room for more than just one. I say those fools don't know what they're missing, dear friend.

  2. oh, amy. I am so sad with you. will you take any solace in the fact that they were practically BEGGING for men to try out??

  3. That is the story of Musical Theatre for women! Supply and demand! There are always a million women and never enough men so they are always automatically in (not to discount Jeff's triple threat abilities). Chorus is fun though because you get to create your own character - I was actually in the chorus of this play once before!

  4. oh, i'm so sorry! i would be having a pity party too if i were you!!

    by the way, i have a blog award for you on my blog today!

  5. Boo! I'm sorry to hear that you had a pity party. If it helps, you're a top astronaut in my galaxy!


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