Thursday, June 2, 2011

One field trip, two field trip, 3 field trip, more!

When your children are in elementary school, it seems that every single parent wants to go on field trips.

The competition is so fierce that if you're lucky you will volunteer time and time again and FINALLY get to go on a 2 hour walking field trip to the local library.

Or you will volunteer time and time again and FINALLY get to go to see African Cats.(super awesome by the way, highly recommend it).

But as your children get older, and head into middle school on up, suddenly you are receiving emails like this:

"Dear Parents-We do not have enough chaperones for the following field trips.....We could REALLY use your help!"

That has never happened when my kids are in elementary school. I don't know if more parents go back to work when their kids are older, or if they're just not to keen on chaperoning a bunch of 13 year olds. I however love it, and jumped at the chance. Well, 3 chances.

One of the only pictures I got from the 3 field trips I took-2 with Kate to the arboretum and water/sewer treatment plant, and from my trip with Julia to the Seattle Science center was the following:

They actually make kids do homework on their field trips nowadays. Dumb. Wait, I mean, I don't understand that at all. And I'm sure they have a reason for it. But it felt dumb.

So while my field trips with charlie and Anne Marie were short, I met my quota of going on one field trip per year per child. Because the last thing I can have is children who remember that one year where I didn't make to at least one field trip.

The horror!

What field trips were you blessed enough to go on this year?


  1. How wonderful for you! I sadly missed the chance to join my foster daughter on a field trip to the art museum because a family emergency took me out of the country, but we made up for it by going back to the museum again on my return. (And she said the presents from England made up for my absences. Typical junior high response!)


  2. I am going on a nature hike tomorrow with Layla's class and Ron is joining Beau's class to a local hay farm. Woohoo! Should be fun...we'll each be armed with cameras! Yeah for field trip season!


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