Thursday, June 9, 2011



No really, it is!

Don't tell Nora, but it's celery, spinach, almond milk and a banana and frozen strawberries.

It was quite good.

No really, it was!

And when she was all done she said,"Mmmm. Yummy in my tummy."

And then she hugged my leg and said, "Thank you Mom!"

If you don't believe me, ask Kate. She was there and witnessed the whole thing!

True story people.

And a treat for yoU!

Things my children have said this week:

Anne Marie upon seeing something in Nora's nose. "Mom! Nora has meat in her nose!!!!"

Not meat. Just a really large boogey.

Then Henry.

My sister and I had picked up a friend's little boy for a play date. We had to stop at the store so Maile could run in. While sitting in the car, the friend's little boy pointed at the flag flying above the building and said to Keaton and Henry:

"Look guys! You see that flag? Those stars stand for all of our states."

To which Henry replied,"And you see those stripes? Those stand for chicken!!!! ha ha ha ha"

Did I mention they're the same age?

It reminded me of the movie Parenthood. Steve Martin's 3 year old niece is solving some sort of math problem while his own 3 year old son puts a bucket on his head and runs into the wall repeatedly.

Yeah. It kind of felt like that.

But at least Nora will drink green smoothies. Right?



  1. Someone has to have the entertaining kids? It must be up to you and me.

  2. "Your parents must be so proud.."

    ;) Are you really drinking smoothies like that?

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha!! I want to make a smoothie like that for my kiddos, imagine the possibilities for getting much needed veggies down :)


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