Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If you could see me now

As I sat down to blog today Henry decided he needed to sit behind me on my chair and repeatedly ask me to watch PBS kids. I enjoyed the cuddling from Henry, but continued to ignore his request.

And Nora,not to be outdone, inadvertantly stood on the power strip and shut the power down while watching me blog.

In my effort to get her away from the power strip, she tripped and fell backwards. Which of course caused much wailing and the need to sit on my lap.

So I ended up with Henry behind me.

And Nora in front of me.

And actually at this moment, they are now both on my lap, play fighting with their stuffed animals. I would share a picture, but I have no appendages available to work a camera.

SO it's short and sweet today, because, well, I guess I'm needed elsewhere as is evident by their need to be permanently attached to me today.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. How did you manage to even finish? If it makes you feel better I haven't gotten a thing done today (but I did post.... what does that mean? Maybe I don't want to know)

  2. Ah yes, children and blogging. Unlike pb and chocolate they don't go well together. :)

    But soon enough they leave the nest. Some days I have to ask "When?" though.

    Just remember about the pillowcase apron that it already has been washed tons of times so get it dirty! :)


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