Tuesday, May 31, 2011

4/4 time

No, I'm not starting my own marching band. I just have awesome in-laws who know how much my family likes to dress up.

Although I do like a good marching band. Could be that I was drum major in high school. Betcha didn't know that lil' tidbit, did ya?

Just imagine big white hat with a plume, and white go go boots.

Oh yeah, it was awesome.

Sorry, I, um, don't, um, have any pictures of myself in that get up. That's right, no clue where any are. *ahem*

Oh, and can I just say how glad I am that blogger is finally working? For a week we couldn't log out of Kate's account, so I couldn't post. And before that it was losing my posts. Hopefully everything is all worked out.

Cuz I sure missed you all!


  1. your kids look so happy. ahh, and takin' after their mama? so sweet! c'mon now, after you mention those pics, it'll be all i can think about!! post 'em, post 'em!

  2. As always, beautiful children!!

    Oh! And I have a costume to add to your collection if you'd like it--maybe for one of the older/taller girls? I can bring it to you when I bring you that mirror if you still want it. :)

  3. My kids would be all over those suckers.

    And yes, I missed you!

  4. I would love to see you in that outfit Amy! You should *ahem* find them.

    Does anyone else have a problem posting comments on blogger? I have to click the link twice almost every time lately. It's weird.

  5. Pretty sure I've seen a picture of that beauty. "76 trombones play in the band!" Funny.


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