Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moving on

So I have realized finally, that the headboard and master bedroom I labored on over a year ago, just have to go.

I still think it's lovely, but it's just not me. At the time I had found some ideas for these elegant, do it yourself bedrooms that I thought I wanted.

But lets face it, I am not elegant. And I don't feel badly about it, so don't feel bad for me.

I am more eclectic, quirky, beach cottage-y and bright.

And so the headboard and curtains must go.

I already have them listed on Craigslist and I'm sure they will make someone who is elegant, very happy.

But I will be using the money from their sale to purchase a white wrought iron bed. I will be moving some things around the house and creating a bedroom that's more me.

The grey walls will be gone, and when I'm done, I will reveal it all to you.

It will be a little while because I must sell things to fund this project, but I am all in a tizzy with excitment. Brimming with ideas for the bedroom I should have created a year ago.

Yes, to answer your question, it is quite crazy in my head sometimes.

More ideas than I could ever fulfill, constantly switching things around to ease my quickly bored brain.

Luckily I am married to the most patient and supportive man on the planet.

He probably is able to be that way because he doesn't attempt to try and get inside my head to figure out what in the world I am thinking.

It's a good thing too. I think it would cause insanity in some people.

So if you're looking for a lovely blue fabric tufted headboard with 4 matching curtains, let me know. You'll be a doing a public service by helping me get passed my latest craze more quickly.

Oh, and the sun is shining today! Yippee!!!!


  1. i am doing the exact same thing to my room!!! i need my father in law to help my husband move out ALL the bedroom furniture out, and then i will do the rest! i have a really pretty bed stashed away in my attic just waiting to be released!!! i can't wait either, so i'm totally cheering you on!

  2. How come you get to redecorate YOUR bedroom? I want to repaint mine to but you won't let ME.

  3. Aaah to redecorate always rejuvenates the soul...Love what you do, can't wait to see the transformation.

  4. I love what you do! Can't wait to see it, too!
    Yours Forever,


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