Thursday, May 12, 2011


Julia came to me yesterday with Nora in hand and said the dreaded words, "Nora cut her hair!"

I have been fretting that this day would come. It seems that all of my children are drawn to cutting their own hair.

In panic I looked her over, waiting to see the missing chunks of soft blonde hair.

But quickly Julia put me out of my misery. "I caught her right away, so she only cut her bangs a little."

Biggest sigh of relief ever!

Now I know it's just hair. But it's pretty, fluffy, blonde Nora hair. And it would make me cry.

Just as it was pretty, fluffy Kate, Julia, Anne Marie, Charlie hair. And I was so sad about them as well.

So thankfully, Nora just has a new angle to her bangs. I told Jeff I thought she was trying to give herself a mullet.

Ponytails still work, with a little help from a barrette. But luckily, we are both happy about it.

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